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소나기 (Sudden Shower) Lyrics Meaning – Eclipse (KOR)

소나기 (Sudden Shower) Lyrics Meaning by Eclipse (KOR) is brand new song sung by Eclipse (KOR) and music of this latest song is given by Han Seong Ho, Sooyoon, Moon Kim, Park Soo Suk. 소나기 (Sudden Shower) song lyrics are also penned down by Han Seong Ho, Sooyoon, Moon Kim, Park Soo Suk.


Song: 소나기 (Sudden Shower)
Singer: Eclipse (KOR)
Music: Han Seong Ho, Sooyoon, Moon Kim, Park Soo Suk
Lyrics: Han Seong Ho, Sooyoon, Moon Kim, Park Soo Suk
Album: 선재 업고 튀어 OST (Lovely Runner Original Soundtrack), Pt.1 (2024)

소나기 (Sudden Shower) Lyrics Meaning

The song ‘Sudden Shower’ by 이클립스 (Eclipse) (KOR) is a tender ballad that delves into the emotions of longing and cherishing a loved one. The lyrics poetically compare the arrival of a loved one to a sudden rain shower, expressing a deep hope that this person will not be a fleeting presence like a brief rain but rather a constant in the singer’s life. The rain metaphor is used to convey the intensity and suddenness of the emotions felt when the loved one came into the singer’s life.

The song continues to explore the theme of love as a gift from the heavens, suggesting that the singer views their relationship as something precious and divine. The singer pledges to protect and cherish their partner, emphasizing the depth of their commitment. The imagery of rain is also used to symbolize the washing away of painful memories, suggesting that the presence of the loved one has a healing effect on the singer. The rain, which could be seen as an obstacle, is instead portrayed as a catalyst for emotional growth and renewal.

Towards the end of the song, the lyrics reaffirm the uniqueness of this love, declaring that there will never be another love like it. The singer treasures every memory and moment shared, further solidifying the song’s message of love’s enduring and transformative power. ‘Sudden Shower’ is a heartfelt ode to the beauty of love and the strength it provides, even amidst life’s unpredictable storms.

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