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​intro (end of the world) Lyrics Meanings – Ariana Grande

​intro (end of the world) Lyrics Meanings by Ariana Grande is brand new song sung by Ariana Grande and music of this latest song is given by Ariana Grande, Shintaro Yasuda, Nick Lee, Aaron Paris. ​intro (end of the world) song lyrics are also penned down by Ariana Grande, Shintaro Yasuda, Nick Lee, Aaron Paris.


Song: ​intro (end of the world)
Singer: Ariana Grande
Music: Ariana Grande, Shintaro Yasuda, Nick Lee, Aaron Paris
Lyrics: Ariana Grande, Shintaro Yasuda, Nick Lee, Aaron Paris
Album: eternal sunshine (2024)

​intro (end of the world) Lyrics Meanings

“​intro (end of the world),” the poignant opening track of Ariana Grande’s seventh studio album, Eternal Sunshine, gently unfurls with a tender inquiry into the nature of love and connection amidst existential uncertainties. The song sets the thematic stage for the album, weaving a narrative that contemplates deep personal reflections about relationships and the inherent search for assurance in one’s emotional ties.

In the soul-stirring lyrics, “How can I tell if I’m in the right relationship? Aren’t you really supposed to know that shit? Feel it in your bones and own that shit? I don’t know,” Ariana articulates a universal pondering—an introspective doubt about the authenticity of her feelings and the relationship she finds herself in. This vulnerability is laid bare as she confesses to overthinking a particular interaction, wondering if her partner reciprocates the same depth of reflection and emotion: “Then I had this interaction I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout for like five weeks / Wonder if he’s thinkin’ ’bout it too and smiling.”

The song is not just a reflection but a romantic exploration of whether love can withstand the ultimate test—the end of everything. Ariana poses a profound question: “If the Sun refused to shine / Baby, would I still be your lover?” This lyric is a romantic and existential query, probing whether the love shared is conditional or if it transcends even the direst changes. It’s a question of constancy and permanence in a relationship tested by hypothetical extremes.

As Ariana’s song progresses to explore these cosmic-scale uncertainties, she turns inward to find grounding in the familiar and timeless wisdom of her Nonna, Marjorie Grande. In a touching homage to her grandmother’s unwitting guidance captured in a voice note, the answer to Ariana’s lingering question about love’s authenticity and permanence is beautifully encapsulated in the album’s closing track “ordinary things.” Nonna’s simple yet profound advice emphasizes the importance of cherishing the small, everyday moments, suggesting that the essence of true love lies in appreciating the ordinary, the overlooked details of togetherness that often go unnoticed yet hold the relationship together.

“And if it all ended tomorrow / Would I be the one on your mind? / And if it all ended tomorrow / Would you be the one on mine?” This part of the song encapsulates the crux of the album’s exploration of love—it’s not just about whether love can survive the hypothetical end of the world, but whether it occupies such a central place in one’s heart that it remains a priority even when faced with the ultimate test.

Through “​intro (end of the world),” Ariana Grande not only questions the durability and authenticity of romantic love but also invites listeners into a reflective journey that intertwines personal doubt with celestial metaphor. This track, with its hauntingly beautiful melody and lyrical depth, serves as a profound meditation on love, existence, and the things that truly matter when everything else is stripped away.

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