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De Vuelta Lyrics Meanings – Manuel Turizo

De Vuelta Lyrics Meanings by Manuel Turizo, Tiago PZK is brand new song sung by Manuel Turizo, Tiago PZK and music of this latest song is given by Francisco “Zecca” Zecca, Santiago Gabriel “Tatool” Ruiz. De Vuelta song lyrics are also penned down by Manuel Turizo, Enzo Ezequiel Sauthier, Tiago Uriel Pacheco Lezcano.


Song: De Vuelta
Singer: Manuel Turizo, Tiago PZK
Music: Francisco “Zecca” Zecca, Santiago Gabriel “Tatool” Ruiz
Lyrics: Manuel Turizo, Enzo Ezequiel Sauthier, Tiago Uriel Pacheco Lezcano

De Vuelta Lyrics Meanings

In ‘De Vuelta,’ Manuel Turizo and Tiago PZK delve into the complexities of lingering emotions and unresolved feelings in a past relationship. The song’s narrative revolves around a man who is still deeply affected by his former lover, despite her being in a new relationship. The lyrics are filled with a sense of longing and nostalgia, as the protagonist reminisces about the passionate moments they shared. He believes that his ex-partner is not truly happy with her current boyfriend and that she still harbors feelings for him, as evidenced by her social media facade and private messages.

The song employs vivid imagery and metaphors to convey the intensity of the protagonist’s emotions. For instance, he describes himself as ‘the ghost in her head,’ suggesting that his presence is still felt even when she is with someone else. This haunting metaphor underscores the idea that past relationships can leave a lasting impact, making it difficult to move on completely. The reference to Da Vinci and Mona Lisa adds an artistic layer to the song, symbolizing the timeless and irreplaceable nature of their connection.

Musically, ‘De Vuelta’ blends reggaeton and Latin pop elements, creating a rhythm that is both catchy and emotionally resonant. Manuel Turizo and Tiago PZK’s collaboration brings a dynamic interplay of voices, enhancing the song’s narrative depth. The recurring chorus emphasizes the protagonist’s plea for honesty, urging his ex-lover to acknowledge her true feelings. This emotional plea is a common theme in Turizo’s music, which often explores love, heartbreak, and the complexities of human relationships. ‘De Vuelta’ is a poignant reminder of how past loves can continue to influence our present lives, even when we try to move forward.

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