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Third World Lyrics – Bashfortheworld

Third World song lyrics penned by Bashfortheworld, Ashton McCreight, music composed by Ashton McCreight, and sung by Bashfortheworld from album Mundo (2024).


Song: Third World
Singer: Bashfortheworld
Music: Ashton McCreight
Lyrics: Bashfortheworld, Ashton McCreight
Album: Mundo (2024)

Third World Lyrics

Third world paisa
I’m turned up ’cause I’m chosen
I can’t die yet
My wrist ain’t frozen
I’m Migo down we get high then we focus
I ran it up, put my wrist in the open
You reach for my chain & catch three to your colon

My momma told me f*ck the police
Run them racks up till they break off the lease
I can put the packs up in a Chevy caprice
Stuff the cash bust, you then head back to the streets
I got my head
Out the window
Throwing three’s up
Then n!ggas put that pressure on you gone freeze up
b!tch hit a corner too fast, I told her ease up

Ay, damn
You in the club
I’m counting up that’s why you don’t never see us
Ay, damn
I know a b!tch selling coochie tell a n!gga get yo cheese up

Migo get the bread first
It’s new problems when you up make you head hurt
How you broke take a trip to make your legs work
If the b!tch round me make her legs twerk

Ay, damm
I fill my lungs up with gas & put drank in my juice
My partner got a script
Pay three-hundred for the deuce
It’s probably five-fifty if he sold the sh!t to you
I put the wok in the air just to see what it does
Ay, damm
How you’re trying to step to me
Don’t, nobody know you

Ay, damm
All white like angel dust
If you ain’t trying to die about it, don’t bring it up
I make a b!tch do the most to say it ain’t enough
Young n!gga riding round with the stainless tucked
You’ve been jumped off the porch n!gga hang it up
Woke up choking this morning chain tangled up
Say I put all my jewelry on just to go to the store
I ain’t even trying to flex, but it’s clapped if you don’t
Get my shoes from the back, don’t play me like I’m broke

Ay, damm
I just ran up a ticket you gatekeeping clothes
Ay, damm

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